Showing Points 2018

Showing Points 2018

How it works: Collect your points from any class throughout the event

Points will be allocated per placing 1st= 6 points, 2nd= 5 points, 3rd= 4 points, 4th= 3 points, 5th= 2 points, 6th= 1 point

Points Champions will be split 16 years and under and 17 years and over.

At the end of Season Show we will award  Points Trophies to the highest placed competitors 1-3rd seniors & juniors

Open to all no membership required.

So be sure to notify us of the competitor’s age when entering

Same schedule will run throughout the series.

Final Showing Points 2018

League Winners


1st – A Williams
2nd- J Oakden
3rd- S Wain


1st- R Ambrey
2nd- W Cooke
3rd – F Ambrey

Show Dates 2018

April 2nd
April 22nd
May 7th
May 28th
June 24th
July 22nd
Aug 12th
Aug 27th
Sept 9th 2018 Points Champion Awards