September 18, 2019 all-day
1 Have A Go
Intro A / B
2 Prelim Trailblazers  2020 P12 / P13
3  Novice Trailblazers  2020
N24 / N34
4 Open  Trailblazers 2020 E42/ E50/ M63
 5 Dressage to music any level (please state on entry )  
  Want to keep at the same level ?- New for this season riders can compete the 2 different tests at the same level , the final score/ placings will be the average of the 2 tests.  
  Unaffiliated Classes
Entry fee £15 per test .
Enter 2 tests for £20
Tests maybe from the same or any level just let us know on entering. Enter by phone, PayPal or Equo.

Unaffiliated  Summer  Dressage League 2019
How it works: Collect your points from any class throughout the season. Points will be allocated per placing 1st= 6 points, 2nd= 5 points, 3rd= 4 points, 4th= 3 points, 5th= 2 points, 6th= 1 point plus 2 points for entering.
The Overall Points Champion will be split 16 years and under and 17 years and over, with awards 1-6th seniors & juniors.
Open to all no membership required.
So be sure to notify us of the competitor’s age when entering 
Awards will be presented at the Autumn Championships   for 1st -6th Juniors & Seniors


Pay online, or call or email

Book and pay online via Paypal using this form or email us or call us and pay via the telephone