Spring Dressage Championships

May 11, 2019 all-day
Beaver Hall
Leek ST13
Anne Pearn
01538 304433
    Spring Championships. Sash & £25 to each class winner. Rosettes 1st-6th place.
  If riding 2 tests at the same level the final score is the average of the 2 tests. Open to all no membership or qualifications needed)  
 1 Have A Go Championships Riders Under 10yrs. Prizes & Rosettes 1st-6th
 Intro A
2 Have A Go Championships £25 to the winner (subject to a minimum of 10 entries) Intro A / B
3 Green Horse  Championships £25 to the winner Horse 6yrs & under ( subject to a min of 1o entries)
 P2 / P7
4 Prelim Championships £25 to the winner (subject to a min 10 entries)  P14 / P13
5 Veteran Horse Championships  £25 to the winner ( subject to a min 10 entries)  Horse 16yrs & over P12 / P18
6 Novice Championships £25 to the winner (subject to a min 10 entries) N24/ N30
7 Open Championships £25 to the winner Highest % wins Horse/Rider combination may not enter Class D & below. (subject to a min 19 entries)
E42 /50 / M63
Dressage to Music Any level Short or Long Arena Highest % wins £25 to the winner (subject to a min 10 entries)  
  Entry fees £16 per class.
Any 2 tests for £25
Prize money subject to a min of 10 entries in each section
  Prizes for the Winter League 2018/2019 will be presented at this show  
  To Enter Classes –Equo,  PayPal or over the phone 01538 304433  

No qualification needed.
Rider/ Horse Combination who have won any Championship Class the previous year must enter a higher level at these Championships except Green Horse.
Have A Go Championships are for real beginners please !

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