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March 7, 2013 all-day
Beaver Hall
Staffordshire ST13
Anne Pearn
01538 304433
Lindsay Wilcox-Reid is a professional dressage rider and trainer, REPs Level 3 (Advanced) Pilates teacher and Biomechanics Coach™.  She is the founder of Equipilates™ Equestrian Performance Solutions which is the UK leader in providing training for Pilates teachers and health professionals working with riders.  Based in Ripley, Derbyshire, she attracts clients for biomechanics tuition, dressage training and teachers courses from around the country as well as Spain and Sweden. She has had several training articles published in the British Dressage Magazine in 2008 and has also featured in Your Horse magazine (May 2009), NFU
Countryside magazine (Oct 2009), Your Horse Magazines in 2010 and Horse & Rider in 2011. Lindsay has presented very well received demos in the ‘Improve Your Riding’ Zone, at the 2009,2010 and 2011 Your Horse Live event. Her first book, Pilates for Riders, is receiving worldwide acclaim and is published by JA Allen. Lindsay’s second book ‘Core Connection for Rider & Horse’ is due for publication in summer 2013.  Lindsay is a Group 3 Rider with experience of competing and training horses up to advanced levels in dressage; her horses are currently working at a range of levels from recently backed to Intermediare II.  Through her insight and perception of the athletic development of your horse,  along with her skills in screening for biomechanical dysfunction, she is able to take your performance to a whole new level, whether you are a weekend rider or an international equestrian athlete.
45 minute dressage/flatwork session incorporating postural and functional awareness for rider and horse: £48
Lindsay’s methodical and progressive approach will ensure you can achieve the feeling of dancing with your horse- in harmony. She teaches using successful strategies proven by scientific research into how horses learn and trains according to the French classical principle of ‘lightness’- no force or gadgets.  She will ensure that you understand exactly why and how to teach your horse the responses required to carry out each exercise or part of an exercise correctly, and will show you how to develop your timing and feel. This means that, if training is approached with a well organised and logical plan of progression, every horse can reach a high level of schooling.
45 minute dismounted Equipilates™ biomechanics session- £48
incorporates ‘mini’ screening to evaluate pelvic function and exercises to improve alignment, balance and core connection
COMBINE a 45 mins dismounted AND 45 mins mounted session for OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE-discount to  £85  FOR BOTH
90 minute full initial consultation: £90   Includes intrinsic biomechanics screening to identify where your body isn’t functioning properly. This highlights any pelvic and spinal mobility issues, as well as subclinical muscle spasm and nerve mobility issues. Lindsay will explain to you exactly where these issues are and prescribe simple exercises to ‘Normalise’ your body. This is very important, as doing core work or strengthening before your ‘intrinsic biomechanics’ are operating correctly, will simply strengthen an already dysfunctional movement pattern. You’ll then practise some awareness and alignment work on the wooden saddle horse; you are encouraged to bring your own saddle for this so that alignment awareness is on a familiar base.
During this section you will learn how to find your ‘neutral’ spine, the ideal position you will be working towards maintaining when you ride, and we will ensure you understand how to achieve this when you are working on your own. Lindsay will show you how and when to activate the correct core muscles appropriate for riding also whilst on the saddle horse, plus breathing techniques for tension release.

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