Show Jumping incl NSEA GR Q

December 1, 2019 all-day
Beaver Hall
Leek ST13
Anne Pearn
01538 304433
   Classes are qualifiers for Blue Chip, Cricklands Trailblazers & NSEA
Regular classes entries as usual on the day.
  NSEA  Grass Roots SJQ 1st Dec 2019  
  Class 1 will not start before 10.30am  Classes 1-3 Lead rein ponies or helper permitted.
1 NSEA  X Poles
1a X Poles Fences 1-8 only   Open to regular competitors
2 NSEA   40cm Qualifier
  Class 2a will not start before 11.40
2a 0.45m Fences 1-8 only  Open to regular competitors
3 NSEA 50cm  Qualifier
  Class 3a will not start before 12.45
3a 50/55m   Open to regular competitors
4  NSEA 0.60m Qualifier
  Class 4a will not start before 1.40pm
4 a 60/ 65 Open to all last 4 fences to height
5 NSEA 0.70cm Qualifier
6 NSEA 75cms Qualifier £10.00
  Class 6a will not start before 3.15
6a 70 / 75cm Open to all
7 0.80cm/ 85cm  Last 4 fences to height  Open to all incl section for NSEA
8 0.85cm / 90cms  Last 4 fences to height. Open to all incl section for NSEA
 9 0.90cm/ 95cms  Incl NSEA  
  First Aid per competitor £3.00
  When there are only 3 senior or junior riders the class will be amalgamated , one set of rosettes 1st-6th but separate qualifications awarded.
Vouchers £10, £8, £5  each junior & senior section.
1st place 6-8 entries
2nd place 9-12 entries
3rd place 13-16 entries
  Please collect your qualifying cards from the secretary.  

Points Show Jumping Winter League 2019/ 2020
How it works: Collect your points from any class throughout the season.
Points will be automatically allocated per placing 1st= 6 points, 2nd= 5 points, 3rd= 4 points, 4th= 3 points, 5th= 2 points, 6th= 1 point plus 2 points for entering.
The Overall Points Champion for each class will be split 16 years and under and 17 years and over. Rider/ Horse combination to have competed in the same class at least 4 events over the series
Open to all no membership required. So be sure to notify us of the competitor’s age when entering 
Awards will be presented at the Spring SJ Championships 2020.

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