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 Dressage times

Always recheck times before setting off !
Please can all riders wear bridle numbers (can be purchased from the shop if necessary) . If unable to stay please leave a large SAE. Top arena hedge side can be used for warming up when not in use.

Good Luck Everyone !

 Clinic Weds Aug 23rd 2017



Showing Points 2017

How it works: Collect your points from any class throughout the event
Points will be allocated per placing 1st= 6 points, 2nd= 5 points, 3rd= 4 points, 4th= 3 points, 5th= 2 points, 6th= 1 point and 5 points for attending the show.
Points Champions will be split 16 years and under and 17 years and over, with a prize for each. Open to all no membership required.
So be sure to notify us of the competitor’s age when entering
Same schedule will run throughout the series.
Prizes will be awarded at the last show of the series