Showing 2013Showing 2013


April 1st  Lewenne Ennett / Alan French
April 28th Kevan Baskeyfield / K Seddon
May 6th K Seddon / Linda Miller
May 27th Ron Evans/ Mr F Bullock
June 30th Mr F Bullock / Paul Stringer
July 28th Chris Porter / Alan French
August 11th  Chris Wood / Mr N Vale

Beaver Hall Championships 15th September  Penny Hollings/ Ron Evans

Full schedule 2013

Societies that we affiliate to include:,

Beaver Hall Championships, CHAPS, TGCA, Amateur Showing, The Royal London, The Lincolnshire Festival Of The Horse,BSPS, Equifest, 15+, (TARRA May 6th & 27th, July 28th ), VHS ( 30th June Area Olympia Q ), BSPA, TSR Riders Championships.
Full schedule & judges booked will be available to download soon.

Classes for all including ridden and inhand showing. Section and Supreme Championships with beautiful rosettes and sashes. Rosettes to 6th place in all classes.

There will be a special Junior Ring Championship for all our young riders with a sash and trophy to the winner at each show.

You do not have to be a member to compete at our shows. There is a point system for Beaver Hall Members which runs annually from the beginning of March to the end of February each year.  If you are a complete beginner young or old you are always welcome at Beaver Hall