Karina Essery – Trainer

Karina Essery

Karina EsseryKarina has been training, teaching and working with horses for over 20yrs and says she has never stopped learning from the horses she meets. She has worked across many disciplines at top levels from eventing, dressage, driving, showjumping, to film and stunt horses.

Her Training principles are based on classical lines, classical riding is often referred to as art and when applied properly the horse and rider combination is a pleasure to watch, moving gracefully and seamlessly as one, without force. This combined with the application of modern equine science, bio-mechanics and equine behaviour forms the basis of my teaching, as only by understanding your horse both physically and mentally can you find true partnership.

Karina Essery photoKarina treats every rider and horse as individuals and her aim is to encourage and support both, enabling them to communicate and work as a team to unlock their potential, whilst keeping the work enjoyable and appropriate to their development. Karina teaches all levels but has particular empathy with novice and nervous riders and her extensive experience of different breeds, ages, types of horses and training methods combined with her own background in classical riding and equine and human therapy means she can bring a more holistic approach to the training of you and your horse. For further information about Karina see www.equidynamicsmassageandtraining.co.uk.


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