Show Jumping 2022

 Show Jumping most Sundays 

Entries can be made on the day £14 per class Beaver Hall Members £12 per class
Enter via Horse Monkey £12 per class Beaver Hall Members £10 per class

Approx start times will be posted on times & news the day before the event

 New to the sport just a few basic rules to get you started !

  • Penalties- Refusal or circle 4 ,  2nd Refusal 8 , 3rd Refusal Elimination
  • Crossing tracks / going past the line of the fence 
  • Ceasing to go forwards / disobedience on any part of the course . 4, 8 , elimination
  • Fall – Elimination – must leave the ring for your safety no remounting
  • Once the bell has been rung you have 45 seconds to start the course.
  • No Outside assistance above 55cms after fair warning you can be disqualified.
  • Short whips only and cannot be used before the 1st fence & no more than 3 times in a round- taking hand off rein no more than 3 times in a round & you cannot lift arm higher than shoulder & only use on the rump.

Weekend SJ Schedule incl NOT BEFORE TIMES

Evening Show Jumping Schedule & NOT BEFORE TIMES