Times & News

All competitors MUST adhere to the rules set out below.

For Unaffiliated  Dressage, Unaffiliated Show Jumping, Clinics, and Facility Hire all horses must have received their latest booster vaccination within twelve months and have a compliant vaccination history . No injection should have been given 7 days before the competition . A photograph of the vaccination page AND the description page of the passport or a letter from a vet confirming the vaccination status where a passport has been lost or mislaid shall be acceptable. 

No score board, results will be posted online after the event. Please leave a LARGE SAE for score sheets, qualifications & results.

All competitors / grooms etc must use the Government QR Track and Trace barcode on arrival, located at the entrance to the cafe.

Any problems please email to- horses@beaverhall.co.uk

Evening Dressage Times Thurs  29th July

Max 4 Horses in the warm up arenas .

Any problems please call 07969932265

 Please exit by the commentary box when you have finished your test.

If I have missed anyone please call 07969932265