Beaver Hall Pony Club

Group 1 E & D Test 9.30-12.00pm    Children 10yrs & under 
Group 2 D & D+ Test 12.00-2.30pm  Children over 10yrs
Group 3 D+ & C Test 2.30-4.00pm  11yrs & above must hold D Test

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Pony Club Centre Membership  designed by Pony Club UK to open up the same opportunities for children without their own ponies, as those with. It allows the children to be part of a professional body, to join in the fun, to use the building blocks of badges to gradually and continually broaden their knowledge and riding ability.

Centre Plus membershipyou can have your own pony and still join in with us! .This is for children who have originally been a Pony Club Centre member  and  have progressed to owning their own pony; it is another step-change in the learning process, allowing you to experience how your own pony works and reacts within a group and yet it allows you to continue your activities and competitions with your friends.

Membership is open to anyone between the ages of 5 and 21 although existing members can continue until the age of 25.

The Tests and Achievements

These are structured to be progressive; they start with the very basics and gradually build knowledge and ability across a very broad range of topics, and then up through levels of complexity.

In our weekly sessions we will train for the various badges and progressive tests. We encourage children to complete as many achievement badges as possible as not only are they great for learning skills, they look ace stitched onto your Pony Club jumpers!

Becoming a Member how to join ?

Anyone can become a member of The Pony Club -By collecting your membership forms directly from Beaver Hall we will be happy to help you complete your membership application which goes directly to The Pony Club or you can download a copy of this application form HERE and then  forward direct to the Pony Club. We will encourage all members to wear the correct uniform for pony club & will soon be available to purchase from Beaver Hall.

All the team at Beaver Hall look forward in you joining our new venture & hope to see you very soon !