Results 2021

The results of our competitions held in 2021 will be published on this page as they become available Below you will find links to documents showing the results of each competition held at Beaver Hall throughout 2021

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
OL Dr 16th OL Dr 21st OL Dr 7th Dr 2nd SJ 1st Dr 1st Dr 1st          
OL Dr 31st OL Dr 28th OL Dr 21st SJ 3rd SJ 2nd Dr 5th Dr 3rd          
      SJ 4th Sh 3rd SJ 6th SJ 4th          
      Sh 5th Dr 6th Dr 9th SJ 11th          
      Dr 10th Dr 9th Dr 10th Dr 14th          
      SJ 11th Dr 12th Dr 12th Dr17th          
      Dr 14th Dr 15th NSEA 13th SJ 18th          
      Dr 17th SJ 16th SJ 14th SJ 19th          
      SJ 18th SJ 17th Dr 16th Sh 25th          
      Dr 21st Dr 19th JWS 19th Dr 28th          
       Dr 22nd  Dr 22nd SJ 20th Dr 29th          
      OL 18th Nsea 23rd SJ 21st            
      Dr 24th Dr 29th Dr 26th            
      SJ 25th SJ 24th Sh 27th            
      Dr 28th SJ 30th Dr 30th            
      Dr 29th Sh 31st